As the energy industry moves into a new era of efficiency and availability, the smart grid offers new opportunities for economic and environmental growth. In the transition period, testing, technology improvements, consumer education and the development of standards and regulations will be critical to ensure that the smart grid becomes reality.


MTE offers a broad range of products and solutions for the online gas-in-oil monitoring of transformers (online DGA). With its individual and modular system components MTE provides the optimal customer oriented solution for utilities, industries and transformer manufacturers.

Analysis of the gases dissolved in power transformer oil is recognized as the most useful tool for early detection and diagnosis of incipient faults in transformers. The cost effectiveness of online dissolved gas analysis (DGA) and control systems are gaining importance worldwide.

Early Warning

Composite or individual analysis of the key fault gases dissolved in power transformer oil for early warning indication and initial fault classification.

Intensive Care

Permanently installed online DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) devices for the individual analysis of multiple gases and detailed Fault classification.

Portable DGA

Portable device for the analysis of dissolved and free gases from the isolation fluid of oil-filled power transformers and other electrical equipment.


The new HYDROCAL genX product family is the first truly maintenance-free multigas online DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) solution combining proven near infrared (NIR) measuring technology with vacuum protection membrane extraction.


HYDROCAL 1008-3 / 1009-3

HYDROCAL 1008-3 and HYDROCAL 1009-3 unit is a permanently installed multi-gas-in-oil analysis system with transformer monitoring functions for simultaneous measurement up to three transformers. It allows the individual measurement of moisture in oil (H2O) and the key gases hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), acetylene (C2H2), ethylene (C2H4) and ethane (C2H6) dissolved in transformer oil. HYDROCAL 1009-3 also measures oxygen (O2).


HYDROCAL BPD is a modular online monitoring system for high voltage bushings. It supports the measurement of voltage and phase angle on the test tap to derive tanδ/PF, bushing capacitance.

HYDROCAL BPD can be combined with other HYDROCAL models, preferably HYDROCAL genX, in order to set up a comprehensive monitoring system.


Smart Grid Interface Module

With the SGIM, all voltages and other voltage quality information as well as the frequency can be recorded directly and transmitted to control rooms via the SCADA or substation protocols in accordance with EN IEC 60870-5-104 or EN IEC 61850. In addition, an internet portal and an SGIM app are available for quick and direct availability of the measurement data from the SGIM without connection to the SCADA system.